What is vinyl Toys?

Vinyl is a crafting technique for making toys. The material made with this technique is a bit soft and has good elasticity. It is generally used to make dolls. Generally, it is hollow, but there are also solid ones, which will cost more.

Vinyl Toys mainly refers to those made of PVC materials. Vinyl Toys, to a large extent, people will misunderstand that “Vinyl” is a kind of material, but it is not. “Vinyl” is just the same as injection molding, micro-injection, and glue. It is just a technical term. In fact, the source materials used are mainly PVC. During the production process, pour the PVC liquid and heat it evenly by rotating the rubber enamel furnace to form the liquid The solid sticks to the side of the mold.

Why is Viny so popular?

Vinyl Toys, once popular in Japan and Hong Kong, are especially sought after by young people. Vinyl is a general material for toys, and it’s not uncommon. However, the design of vinyl toys is exaggerated, abstract, and informal, and emphasizes individuality, which is in line with modern concepts. Therefore vinyl toys such as Kaws and baby milo have become a trend. The toys is a “three-dimensional version” of the comic image, and there is a story behind it, and there are many “partners”. Vinyl Toys always launches one set and one series. Each toys has its own name, and young people think that buying these Vinyl Toys is worth collecting.

Most of the customers who buy are collectors. According to them, the number of Vinyl Toys is limited, ranging from dozens to as many as one or two thousand. This ensures its individuality, but a doll can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the market is not popular. Especially different from general children’s toys, its market targets are mainly those with a certain income, while the varieties are biased towards classics and collectibles. Items related to the Spanish Real Madrid star David Beckham, such as the No. 23 jersey or the 12-inch Beckham vinyl figure are very popular.

The production process of Vinyl Toys


Mold Making
  1. 3D printing, the shape of the product is printed with a 3D printer according to different designs. It needs to be polished smooth after printing.
  2. Wax sample, attach wax to the 3D printed product, so that the surface of the product is smooth when making the mold.

3D Printing&Wax Sample

  1. The mold Seed. The other mold types are the master mold and the first mold made of copper through wax samples. The general customer confirms the final procedure of the batch production sample of the product.
  2. Moulds are produced through mold Seed. In order to improve the production schedule, it is generally necessary to use one mold type to produce multiple molds.
  1. Production, using mold production, batch production of Vinyl products.
  2. Trimming, the use of Vinyl production can easily lead to uneven distribution of some materials, resulting in many corners. Need to be modified.
  3. Coloring is mainly divided into two steps: spray painting and printing.
  4. Assembling, because the product is made by dividing the product into multiple parts when making vinyl, a connection port is designed at the joint of each part. When the product is finished, these scattered parts need to be spliced together.
  5. Packing

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