Product Control

Factory audit and social audit

All production of LECO company conforms to factory audit and social audit, and the company’s production is carried out in accordance with the highest requirements.

1. Strictly follow social labor laws and standards.
2. Work legally and do not force labor.
3. Child labor and minors are not recruited.
4. Working hours are subject to social laws.
5. No racial discrimination
6. Work environment health and safety

Inspection system

Regardless of the production time, LECO has its own quality control and quality assurance. Of course, LECO also has third-party inspections.


Before the order is produced, quality standards are set, and materials and equipment are checked in all directions to ensure that the later quality and delivery time will not be affected.

Final shipment inspection

The quality and quantity of the products are inspected according to international sampling standards before shipment.

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