Toy Production

Production steps

The craftsmanship of each material will be different.
Toy Production workshop
1.White embryo

When the mold is finished, we start to make the white embryo.

2.Toy White embryo Polishing

WWhen the white embryo is finished, there will be defects at the parting line, which needs to be polished and modified by hand.

3.Toy spray paint

After the white embryo of the toy is processed, spray painting is started. After painting, it needs to be dried before proceeding to the next step.

4.Toy Pattern printing

After spraying and drying, if the product has a pattern, it needs to be printed. We will start the printing steps.

Toy assembly
5.Toy assembly

After all the coloring steps are completed, we begin to assemble the various parts.

5.Quanlity Control

Before packing, we have a special quality inspection department responsible for product inspection.

6.QPacking& Shipping

After packing, it will be transported to the logistics company responsible for transportation.

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