Prototyping steps:

3D Model

3D Printing



What do I need to prepare to make prototype?

Need to provide sophisticated 3D model files and color renderings. When the prototype master receives the 3D model, he will ask the design to split the 3D model (for the convenience of coloring), and then perform 3D printing. When the 3D printing is completed, the prototype master will polish it. Finally, it will be colored according to the renderings.

Pantone Color

Since every computer screen has color difference, we usually use Pantone color number to ensure the uniformity of color.

You can buy Pantone color cards from Pantone official:

The role of prototypes

The prototype is mainly to confirm the appearance, function and color of the product.
Before the prototype was confirmed, due to the high cost of the mold, the mold production could not be opened. So the material of the prototype is 3D printed material (resin).

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