Resin Sculpture

There are two types of resin, one is ordinary resin and the other is PU. These two materials will be used in combination according to different usage scenarios.
The biggest difference between resin sculptures and plastic toys is that resin can restore the authenticity very well. The resin is solid, so the weight will be heavier.

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In Brief

90-120 days
from concept to delivery
6 inch 2 Foots+
see rough estimates below

To make Vinyl Toy, you need to know:

1.What’s the Minimum Order for Resin Sculpture?

For Resin Sculpture,Our MOQ is 500 pieces.

If the size is relatively large, such as 2 feet, MOQ can be reduced to 100 pieces.

2.How long does it take to produce Resin Sculpture?

It takes 90-120 days for prototyping, mold making, mass production, packaging, quality inspection and other steps.

During the start of the project, it takes some time to confirm the prototype and samples, which is about 2 weeks.

If your project is urgent, you can also contact us to expedite your project, but an extra fee will be charged for expediting.

3.How much does it cost to customize Resin Sculpture?

Because it is a customized product, the cost should be calculated according to the design.

The cost depends on:

  • Product design
  • Product size
  • Number of products
  • Number of colored parts
  • Quantity
  • Movable part
  • Accessories
  • Package

Your Resin Sculpture Manufacture Expert

The cost can be divided into 3 parts:

1.Fixed Cost

The total cost including prototypes, molds, and coloring tools is usually $4,000-12,000. The specific need depends on the design of the product.

2.Unit Price

Because the design is different, the price is more difficult to estimate. Specific quotation is required according to design.

3.Shipping costs and packaging

The cost of packaging and shipping is extra.
The cost of packaging depends on the size and design. The transportation cost is calculated based on the volume of the cargo. The transportation cost will change according to the change of time. We have long-term cooperation logistics companies, you can contact us to help estimate the cost.

Your Resin Sculpture Manufacture Expert

Production Process

Know The Needs

Know the  customer needs and give the best solution.


Make 2D and 3D models and confirm the renderings.


The model is 3D printed and hand-painted in color by the prototype designer.


Make molds and mass-production.


Packaging and quality inspection.


Transport to the designated warehouse.

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