Toy Design

Design is one of the most important parts of toys. It is necessary to meet the needs of the product (including appearance, function and mold line) as well as the production needs.

From 2D sketch to 3D model

We need design from multiple angles of design, which can help our designers understand the product. And the follow-up needs to provide a colored design drawing, and the designer needs to make a 3D rendering based on it.

If you need the designer’s attention, you need to list them. In order to better understand the design, please make a detailed drawing requirement. This will greatly save communication time.

Package Design

Before designing, please provide reference packaging pictures. Then provide design and copywriting for each angle. Please indicate the places that need attention.

File format required

2D sketch: PSD/JPG
3D model: OBJ/STL
Packaging design: AI

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