Working Together

We have multiple departments, which can perfectly cooperate with you in different steps.

Know Your Needs

We need to understand each toy, about its function, design, positioning, application scenarios and users, etc. Provide the best design plan, production plan, packaging plan, etc. according to the demand.

We have professional design team

We need you to provide a 2D design drawing, and our designer will help you render it into a 3D model and make a colored rendering. Before confirmation, it will be handed over to the engineer to determine whether the design meets the production requirements.

Know our quality

If you are worried about our quality, it must be the best choice to get the products we have made in the past as sample tests. Contact us to get free samples.

Multiple professional agency certification

Before the cooperation starts, you must understand whether we have the certificates and safety certifications that meet your requirements. We displayed all our certifications.

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