What is PVC Toy?

What is PVC?

PVC is a safe, odorless, and harmless raw material. The main material of most Action Figure Toys on the market is PVC.

How to distinguish between PVC and Vinyl?

According to the correct statement, PVC is a raw material and Vinyl is a manufacturing process.

How do we use PVC to make toys?

We call the process of using PVC to make toys as “injection molding” and “Vinyl”. Because the toys made by “Vinyl” are relatively soft, if your design is rounder and larger in size, we recommend that you choose PVC Vinyl. Even in the future The product deforms due to extrusion, and you can also heat the deformed part to slowly reshape it. Toys made from injection-molded PVC are very hard and solid. It is usually used for smaller toys and has a sharp-pointed design. Compared with the hollow Vinyl Toys, the price of injection molded PVC is slightly higher because more materials are used and the manufacturing process is more complicated.But if the quantity is larger, PVC will be cheaper.

How do we use PVC to make toys?

The injection molding chooses PVC pellets, and the product is solid. The vinyl enamel chooses PVC liquid material. The product is hollow. From the product shape, the injection molding process product components have a parting line. The vinyl enamel process only needs to be processed by the mold. Well, I definitely can’t see the parting line. From the perspective of mold manufacturing process, the injection mold is machined, the mold cost is relatively high, the accuracy of the product parts is relatively high, the product size is also easy to grasp, the product structure is complex, and injection molding must be selected ( For example, the coloring effect is easy to handle. High-end toys must choose the injection molding process, which is suitable for products with high requirements and large quantities, and the mold cost can be shared. The vinyl process is suitable for more cartoon products, and does not require high product precision and appearance requirements. , The coloring requirements are not high, and the product is easy to deform. Vinyl was also very popular at that time, because its effect is more in line with popular products.

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