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This Vinyl Figure derived from the prototype in Jason Dussault’s own comics.A 6-Book Graphic Novel.Lecofigure recommends using Vinyl material for production, which is very suitable for the character of Peter Panda.

Size: 12 inches High
File Requirement:
3D File Form: STL/OBJ
Color: Pantone Color Number
Package: AI File

Custom Vinyl Figure Prototype

Before 3D printing, our professional engineer team will provide suggestions and ask you to modify the 3D model according to the needs of production. Guaranteed that there will be no problems in mass production.

High-Precision 3D Pprinting > Multiple Grinding > Printing > Assemble
Custom Vinyl Figure Prototype

Vinyl Mold Making

Vinyl Figure Mold Making

Custom Vinyl Figure,We need make the Mold.Before making Vinyl Mold, we need to 3D print first, and then make WAX Mold. That’s why we need 3D model, because it is needed to make the mold. After making the Wax Mold, we start to make the Mold Seed, which takes about 25 days.

Mold Time: About 30-45 days

Vinyl Figure Mass Production& Print

After the Custom Vinyl Figure Mold is completed, we start producing each part. At the same time, I will also produce coloring molds for the corresponding coloring parts. After all parts are produced, we will start batch coloring.

If the weather is humid, it will affect the quality of the coloring. We put the product parts in the oven to reduce humidity.

Vinyl Figure Part Print

Package Design

At the same time, we will provide customers with suggestions on packaging design and inner protection based on our many years of experience. After waiting for the customer to provide the packaging design drawing, we will send it to our cooperative factory for production.

Package Design


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