Custom Resin Sculpture

CASE | Lucas Zanotto x Lexus

Lucas Zanotto is a pioneer artist in the field of digital art. He has won many world-class art and design awards such as the Cannes Golden Lion and the Apple Design Award, and has collaborated with internationally renowned brands such as Hermès and Google. Whether it is his 3D animations, physical sculptures, or now digital collections, they all have a pair of iconic big eyes that are playful and cute. Lucas Zanotto conquers the hearts of every child and adult with his childlike and healing works.

In this cross-border collaboration with Lexus, Lucas Zanotto cleverly combines his simple design language with Lexus’ simple and agile design, using lively colors and abstract expressions to present the “New Lexus RZ” as a gift from Lexus A “New Year gift” for car owners.

Custom Resin Sculpture Design

Resin sculpture 3D model file

These four sculptures are produced using high-quality Polyester Resin material. After many times of polishing with different precisions, and using high-quality paint for coloring, the product meets the standards of collectibles.

Custom Resin Material Sculpture is already very common in the collectibles industry, but the quality of the products varies greatly due to the materials used and the experience of the engineers.

This series of products is produced by our engineers with more than 20 years of work experience, and all production standards of the products are raised to the highest level.

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