Hebru Brand


Our custom Lil Mama action figure based on the art of Hebru Brand!
Hebru Brand is a well-known design brand, they have amazing attention in popular clothes, popular collectibles and other fields.
They have created amazing figures such as Lil Mama standing and Fly boy.


This is a brand new design, it consists of a figure composed of a main body and a base. The main body is PVC and the base is Vinyl. This product consists of 5 colors, you can choose depending on the color you are interested in.


We made samples. After getting a satisfactory answer from the design director of Hebru Brand for the first time, we started a happy mass production process. We are always interested in producing amazing toys. After 40 days, we put all the products Safely delivered to Hebru Brand!


Innovative design is always exciting. We are very happy to cooperate with Hebru Brand. This is a process of enjoying the joy of customization.

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